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APICS CPIMThe APICS studies CPIM and CSCP, are fun, great fun. Our managers love people who enjoy studying, however they love great results as well.


In order to create the great results we developed a three steps model:

  1. Study the theory of APICS. Get certified.
  2. Work with the theory. Build a case “own company”.
  3. Embed the theory in your organization. Implement the proposals of your case.


Step 1. of the rocket are the well known programs of APICS. These programs help you a major step forward, however the results can be better. During or after the full study it is possible to do step 2. of the rocket: Build a case of your own company. Use the theory you have studied and research how well your own company performs. Lay out today’s organization, the policies and procedures, and the way your company works. Search for steps to improve, based on your newly gained knowledge. Write a proposal. Present your case to the management team. The third step of our skyrocket is the 13 weeks implementation program. Embed the theory. During this period you work enthusiastically to implement your proposals in your company. You will create results you never expected.


During these three steps you will be guided by experienced trainers/coaches.


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