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    Time: 18:00 - 21:00

    Location: vLm Zoetermeer


    APICS Certification maintenance event: 29 June 2015 in Zoetermeer

    Please join us in an interactive session:

    Becoming more competitive and profitable with SCOR?

    How can the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model help your company to improve its process performance? Why have the leading companies in the world adopted the SCOR model as a process framework? What will be the impact of using SCOR as opposed to the traditional way of designing and managing your processes, performance metrics, best practices and required people skills?

    You will get the opportunity learn more about SCOR and to share your insights with colleagues from other industries and work on your network at the same time.


    vLm/EVO Zoetermeer

    Signaalrood 60

    2718 SG Zoetermeer



    18.00 Welcome with soup sandwiches and warm snack

    18.30 SCOR Introduction and group sessions

    19.45 Break with coffee and refreshments

    20.00 SCOR as an integrated framework and group sessions

    21.00 evaluation and informal drink

    This session is open for customers and relations from Verwoerd Consult and Visie Partners as well as for APICS and vLm members.

    Cost: This session is free of charge.

    You earn 2 CM points to maintain your CPIM and/or CSCP designation.

    Session report

    The session has been successful, with 20 participants.

    Feedback from Jaap Stumphius CFPIM:

    Ik vond het een nuttige avond gisteren, genoeg info om te snappen wat het is en hoe het werkt.

    (I experienced it as a useful evening last night, enough information to understand SCOR and how it works).